Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans' Day, 2007 – Rock On, America

This photo comes to you courtesy of the forum at The Mountain. It was taken at the Veterans' Day parade in Washington, DC. The Westboro Baptist Cult attended to protest, knee deep in kool-aid and carrying signs that mocked veterans. I've posted about these fools before: they're the group that just lost a huge judgement in a suit brought by the father of a downed vet whose funeral they chose to desecrate. The signs are all shown shown in the pic on the linked forum (I won't post it), and the signs read:

Soldiers Die, God Laughs

God Hates America

God is Your Enemy

USA = Fag Nation

Thank God for Maimed Soldiers

America is Doomed

Thank God for Dead Soldiers

Don't Worship the Dead

They are Not Heroes

Because this is America, their signs are protected speech. Because this is America, nobody stomped their sorry asses to a bloody pulp. Because this is America, Rolling Thunder Vets, members of Gathering of Eagles, and Protest Warriors were there to honor vets and offer peaceful counterpoint. Because this is America, vets marching in the parade offered a bit of their own protected speech in response. Excellent! Rock on, Vets Everywhere.

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