Monday, October 15, 2007

TwoFer Taser Newsday- Zap the baby! Zap the foreign traveler!

taser the babyI've posted before about Taser abuse- see the post about Heidi Gill in Warren, Ohio. Cops are the usual shooters; now bounty hunters and the RCMP want in on the headlines.

In Oklahoma City last Friday night a bounty hunter fired a Taser into a vehicle, missing his intended target and striking an infant. Only one of the darts pierced the baby's skin, so the gun delivered no electric shock. Emergency responders were called to remove the dart from the baby's flesh.

Police think this is all just fine, because the bounty hunter thought it was necessary, and claim the woman used the child as a shield. Maybe so, the only witnesses were the bounty hunter himself and his quarry. Who do you suppose the law will believe? Bounty Hunters are widely known for their excellent judgment and immunity to adrenaline rush. Ask Domino Harvey. Ask Duane “Dog” Chapman. Pillars of the community. Paragons of restraint and reason. Valued Taser Customers!

I wonder whether the Taser's manufacturer is disappointed that the second dart didn't find its target. They insist the guns are not lethal. I don't suppose they have any data on the way an infant's nervous system reacts to a fifty thousand volt shock. Yet.

Bounty Hunters may be suspect but certainly Mounties are good guys. In Richmond, British Columbia, a 40 year old man died after being tased by the RCMP shortly after arrival on an international flight at 1:30 AM Sunday morning. He was pounding on windows and throwing chairs and computer equipment for unknown reasons. He was not speaking English; a flight from Poland had landed about an hour before the incident. The RCMP was unable to calm him using gestures, so tased him and handcuffed him. He appeared to go into cardiac arrest and was soon pronounced dead. Would he be alive now if he'd been able to speak English?

Airport security is fine with this. International arrivals were rerouted but there were no delays in flight schedules. Thank goodness, Eh? More Taser fun to come, count on it.