Monday, September 17, 2007

America - compatible Islam?

In a post below I wonder at the apparent silence of American Muslims concerning the possibility of reform in their faith. The web being what it is I don't know quite what to make of the Free Muslim Coalition site. I advise you to follow the link and investigate for yourself. Taken at face value, it seems to want to be the voice of some Muslims in America. This statement appears on its home page:

We believe in the re-interpretation of Islam for the 21st century where terrorism is not justified under any circumstances.
We believe in the separation of religion and state.
We believe that democracy is the best form of government.
We believe in the promotion of secularism in all forms of political activity.
We believe that equality for women is an inalienable right.
We believe that religion is a personal relationship between the individual and his or her God and is not to be forced on anyone.

They seem to profess quite another version of Islam than we read about in the news. The site cautiously repudiates many practices and beliefs that make Islam incompatible with western civilization. I would love to see any American Muslim's reaction to these ideas and sentiments.