Thursday, September 13, 2007

Illegal immigrant child abuse

Today's article headlined “Boy leads protest over deported mother” is another brass-balled example of biased reporting by the Associated Press. Yahoo's carrying it and the Drudge Report links it using the headline provided by the AP. Let's desconstruct this...

An 8-year old boy... led a chanting crowd of about 150 pro-immigration activists through the halls of Congress on Wednesday.

The boy didn't lead anything. The conscience-free protestors shamelessly shoved a banner into his hands and herded him along in front of them, an unwilling poster child for their cause. Note that this isn't about promoting LEGAL immigration, it's about letting illegal immigration proceed unabated.

Asked by a demonstrator whether he wanted to speak, he shook his head no... looking distracted, (he) then joined other children at the front of an unruly procession through the halls and basements of two House office buildings.

He was leading this protest the same way a bug splattered on a windshield leads a car speeding down an interstate highway.

In Tijuana, Mexico, across the border from San Diego, (his mother) Elvira Arellano spoke about her son to several dozen demonstrators. “He is a boy who has been suffering because the U.S. Government told his mother she couldn't stay in their country anymore because she was undocumented,” she said.

No, he's suffering because mommy (intone that blessed word with hand on heart and eyes raised to heaven), deported once before his birth as an illegal immigrant, returned for a repeat engagement, got pregnant but not married, and stayed undocumented for several years before getting caught using a false social security number to illegally hold a job. She was ordered to report for deportation but instead stayed for another year in the sanctuary provided by a well-meaning church group near Chicago. She was finally arrested and deported only after thumbing her nose at La Migra by traveling to Los Angeles to lead immigration protests.

So, si se puede. Yes, you can. You can lie. You can use your kid as media bait. You can't, however, play the Mommy Card in this round. That card's been trumped by the truth. Leave that poor kid out of your protests.