Friday, October 5, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali should move to Oak Lawn, Illinois

freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi AliSpiegel Online comments on the return of Dutch citizen and former MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the Netherlands after a prolonged stay in the US. While here, the Dutch government provided extraordinary protection because as a foreign national she's not entitled to that from our own government. This arrangement expired October first. She returned home because, in the words of Der Spiegel, without protection she doesn't have a day left to live. The author asks a spokesman in favor of canceling her Dutch protection:

How many days will he give Ayaan? Another week to live? A month? And then it would be time for the butchers of fundamentalist Islam to move in?

Ayaan is one of six people granted protection by the Dutch government. She has reason to be fearful; she grew up female in an Islamic environment. After her escape to the west she began receiving threats when, as a Dutch citizen and member of the parliament, she spoke out critically against political Islam. Muslims posted her home address on the Internet accompanied by calls for her death. Her friend, filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, was murdered by a Muslim after they co-produced the ten minute film Submission to liberate the minds of Muslim men and women conditioned to obedience.

Islam responds with cowardice because it fears freedom of thought and speech. It fears comparison of its values to those of the west. It fears most of all the loss of power that must result when people can choose to throw off its chains because it knows they are and they will, and in droves. Islamic leaders desire most of all submission, not to the will of Allah, but to their morally bankrupt seventh century political ideal.

In Oak Lawn, Illinois, Christian and Muslim parents are learning to cooperate about things as basic as holiday celebrations in their children's elementary schools- See the post below. In an open society where radical Islamists have free movement, a noted author, parliamentarian, and fighter for freedom of faith, speech, and thought must fear for her life. Radical Islam fears the freedoms of Oak Lawn.