Monday, October 1, 2007

Jena- fodder for child abuse

lynching granddaughter“The history of almost 400 years of racist violence... is alive today in Jena, Louisiana”. Well, at least it is down the road a bit in Grambling.

While townspeople in Jena sort things out together, teachers at an elementary school at Grambling State University indoctrinate kindergarteners in hate. Children provided with chains and shackles were led in a march around the schoolground and a little girl was hoisted into the air so that a noose fastened to a tree could be strung around her neck- by her grandmother. Photos and an article about the event were published on the university's website, The Gramblinite, claiming it was staged to teach the children about racism and events surrounding arrests in Jena. You have to wonder how honest the lesson was. University President Horace Judson immediately ordered the photos removed from the site and is starting a full investigation. Read the press release here.

I guess he can be proud that his teachers are on the cutting edge of liberal doctrine. The Teacher Activist Group has published a resource guide, Revealing Racist Roots: the 3 R’s for Addressing the Jena 6 in the Classroom, to help pump this sludge into more little brains. The group, which includes the intellectual beacons New York Collective of Radical Educators (NYCoRE), Chicago based Teachers for Social Justice (TSJ), and the San Francisco based Teachers 4 Social Justice (T4SJ) desperately wants events in Jena to be seen as equivalent to Jim Crow law and “crystalliz(ation of) the pervasive racist police violence, everyday discrimination, and criminalization faced by African American and other youth of color – on the streets and in their schools.”

What better way to prepare youth for a bright future than to portray them as perpetual victims? What better way to prepare a gullible electorate? Kindergarteners can't understand the struggles this country still has, sadly, with racism, but they won't forget the day their playmate was strung up. You can be confident that they'll never see this anywhere but in a history book again- until grandma or the teacher's union needs another photo op.