Friday, October 12, 2007

There's another Book Lover reading this Blog!

Quebec 1830 GuilletTo my surprise, a websurfer from Montreal, Quebec found my blog by searching Google for the term Great Migration, Guillet- one of the books I list on my bookshelf. Great to see!

I have a copy in apologetic condition of The Great Migration – The Atlantic crossing by Sailing-ship Since 1770 by Edwin C. Guillet, published by Thomas Nelson and Sons in 1937. Here's the first paragraph of the preface:

“History records three great migrations: the Barbarians who swept over Europe and captured Rome; the Mongols under Genghis Khan; and the Atlantic Migration to the new world. Anglo-Saxon colonization made its most spectacular growth between 1770 and 1890, when eleven million people came from the British Isles to North America, and this book tells the story of the transition.”

The period covers the immigration of my own ancestors, some to Canada, from Gloucester, Glasgow, and Bedfordshire. The book is illustrated with contemporary prints like the one included here.

It's a wonderful read. I found mine at a library discard sale in Ohio over twenty years ago. Copies can still be found in used bookstores, and online. Abe Books lists 16 copies today, from the 1963 second edition at $14.77, to a very good condition copy of the 1937 edition at $80.00, to a copy of a 1962 edition signed by the author, inscribed by his grandchildren, and including two new diaries- a steal and a great gift at $300.00. I've bought online from Abe Books several times and have always been very pleased with my purchases.