Sunday, October 7, 2007

Obama completely off the rails

barack loses itApparently impressed with just how well theocracy works in the cesspool of the middle east, Barack Hussein Obama's looking for an alignment with his own personal Jebus. Speaking outside an evangelical church in Greenville, South Carolina, where he attended services this weekend, he said:

I just want all of you to pray that I can be an instrument of God... I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth."

Wonderful. The democrats have crypto-socialist Hillary on one hand and this religious nutbar on the other. We had too many years of the Moral Majority, a belly full of Jerry Falwells, the Oral Roberts scandal is gathering like thunderclouds on the horizon, and now, whether you are serious or simply vote-whoring in one of the early-voting states, you've joined that parade.

We are a secular nation. That is our strength. If you don't understand that you don't belong in our government. We are Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, Pagan, Agnostic, Atheist, and too many others to name, and we don't want your religious kingdom.

Consider this verse from Kipling's MacDonough's Song:

Whether The People be led by the Lord, or lured by the loudest throat:

If it be quicker to die by the sword, or cheaper to die by vote

These are the things we have dealt with once, (and they will not rise from their grave)

For Holy People, however it runs, endeth in wholly Slave.