Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jackson, Sharpton, and now Farrakhan. Sigh.

sharpton, jackson, farrakhan, larry, moe, and curlyThe third peg leg of a classic American comedy tripod, Brother Louis, joins Cousin Jesse and Uncle Al for a new taste of the limelight. Black Separatist Louis Farrakhan spoke in Atlanta Tuesday night. Jesse and Al thump bibles. Louis thumps a Koran. Lou says...

"...the Koran says that those who live easy lives have to be careful, because a life of ease sometimes make you forget struggle.” He's chronically out of touch- his grasp on reality has always been loose- but Islam doesn't sell well in the US. Not even fake Islam.

Farrakhan is as “muslim” as I am Irish; that is, as much as it suits him to be. Muslims reject his Nation of Islam because several of the NOI's teachings conflict with the Koran. One key point is that Islam asserts the existence of one God who has never appeared in physical form; Farrakhan's bunch teaches that God appeared in 1930 in the human form of its founder, W. Fard Muhammad. No, really. W. Fard made a very comfortable living off this scam. So did Elijah Muhammed and so does Louis Farrakhan- excuse me, Louis Eugene Wolcott. Fake religion; fake name. It's a marketing thing.

Though he lives very well, he's inclined to take shots at other prominent blacks who've made a excellent living at honest work instead of as a con artist and who, by the way, don't buy into his fantasies. He's a separatist, so anyone black who's a success in the US under current conditions must be guilty of something.

He pointed out Tuesday that although Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world, 37 million people live in poverty and a third of them are black. He claimed that although Barack Obama is a presidential front-runner, blacks still lose their right to vote because of voter identification laws. "Diddy might have his own clothing line and a Manhattan address, but blacks are moving into prison at four times the rate of blacks in South Africa during the apartheid era. Tiger Woods' face might be on every billboard, but 340,000 blacks are homeless in America on any given night." It's not like the first half of each of those statements has anything to do with the second half, you're just supposed to be deeply moved by their juxtaposition. Feel moved? No, neither did I. Oprah, Obama, Diddy, and Tiger each made something of themselves, didn't they. I don't think anyone handed them anything, I think they earned it. Clarence Thomas did. Thomas Sowell did. Clarence Page did.

Louis needs enemies and goes out of his way to manufacture them. In his words (hit this link for truly amazing quotations and sources), whites are blue-eyed devils, the anti-Christ; Jews are leeches; theocracy is preferable to democracy; and "A decree of death has been passed on America. The judgment of God has been rendered and she must be destroyed..."

No more inclined to miss a desperate swipe at relevance than Jesse or Al, Louis said the anemic rally in Jena last month was a wake-up call. "We should let the world know that we're tired," he said. I'm tired too. Tired of your dated hate speech.